About Us

Who We Are

Farazon Software Technologies Pvt Ltd is a part of Faraday Ozone Products Pvt Ltd, one of the best ozone generator manufacturers in the world, Visaga Techno Systems being another organization of the same group also has market presence in around 50+ countries globally with its world class products, Napivend and Napiburn. Our green products do no harm to the nature and hence we are committed to do good always. Our 20 years of journey, has earned us huge number of customers from around the globe.

RabbitCRM is a product of Farazon Software Technologies Pvt Ltd and built to cater global audience. All the necessary features to run an organization of any size is incorporated in RabbitCRM, and we have made it amazingly simple for even the base-level user to use it on a daily basis for reporting and help an organization grow.

RabbitCRM has readily identified the areas in an organization where automation is a must and our features aim at improving customer service. Thanks to bootstrap technology, you can now manage your business using RabbitCRM in all your portable devices as well as your desktop. All the users are knit together when they are plugged in to RabbitCRM, and reporting is done instantly. You might not get a chance to ask for more, that's how we have developed it.

Our History