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Differences of Non CRM user & Rabbit CRM User

CRM software RabbitCRM difference between Non using


  • Losing business due to improper followups
  • Tedious to create quotations & Invoices
  • Messed up with day to day schedule
  • Lagging to track team performance
  • Complication in handling escalations


  • Boost up the productivity
  • Instantly prepare Quotations & Invoices
  • Planned daily meetings & appointments
  • Narrow view of team activities
  • Let no complaints go unanswered

Key Reasons for Choosing RabbitCRM

Centralized Information

All your data storage in one place will let you get the information at ease.

Data Security

Encrypting the data will let you keep in highest level of security


Reduce manual work and work with error free software.

Cost Effective

Spend less money on CRM and Increase your sales with focusing effort.

Friendly relationship

Know your customer better to close more deals.

Time Management

Spend your valuable time wisely. CRM let you to identify the potential customer and exclude the lame inquiries.

Some of the Highlights of RabbitCRM


Dashboard with interactive widgets

Dashboards will display several of your business progress chart and its latest status in one view. It gives you a precise forecast of your business and you can plan your growth accordingly.

One-Click B2B Lead Generation

Convert any inquiries directly to Rabbit with our Integration. Then use the power of RabbitCRM to enrich your contacts with additional data points. Segment contacts based on these data points to conduct your outreach.


Task Management

Tasks from employers are issued to employees. Employees are required to do the task within the time frame given, and write a report reflecting on the tasks completed.

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