RabbitCRM Lead Management

Increase your sales by effectively identifying and engaging potential buyers using RabbitCRM’s easy lead management system.
Check out the lead details and the action you would like to perform – all in one place.


Lead Source

Identify and segregate how every lead reaches you. This helps in recognizing where your organization’s best leads originate.

Lead Assignment

Choose and assign the newly created leads to the next available executive for hassle free service from the organization’s side to the customer.

Lead Stages

Group leads into different stages depending on their interest, budget, need, awareness. Grouping helps in customizing the method of lead engagement.


Manage and follow up with your potential customers or leads by adding comments or any other additional information about the lead in the notes field.

Task & Visit

Add lead specific tasks and schedule visits by adding information in the ‘Tasks’ and ‘Visits’ section. This will show up in the calendar for easy reference.

Convert to opportunity

Convert qualified leads into potential business opportunities. This will automatically update contact and create an account for the lead.

RabbitCRM Opportunity

Reduce time and resources wasted on unqualified leads and boost your business by segregating the qualified ones into business opportunities.
Fish where the big fish are, identify prospects that have high probability of the proposal converting into a sale and qualify leads better up front.


Opportunity Prioritized

Don’t know which opportunity should be handled first? No worries. Prioritize according to each opportunity’s relevance and you’re done.

Status with value

Identify where exactly the sales process stands by assigning a stage and monetary value to the business opportunity when it gets converted from a lead.

Sales Forecasting

Estimate future sales for every opportunity based on which the next step of sales can be decided and figure out factors that hinder sales within the forecast period.

Customer History

Having a detailed summary of the services provided to the customer plays a major role in the success of every business. Avoid paperwork by doing this digitally in RabbitCRM.

Reference Documents

Convert a tough query into an easy one by referring to the documents that can be attached for every customer. Psst! There’s unlimited storage space!!

Reassign Opportunity

When the executive who has been assigned the opportunity is busy, simply reassign it to another executive who can handle it within the scheduled time.

RabbitCRM Account & Contact Management

To carry out your day – to – day interactions with ease, track and manage vital customers, RabbitCRM provides
solution to conveniently manage your contacts and accounts in one place even when you are swamped with work or out on a vacation.


Export/Import contacts

Easily export and export a huge list of contacts between an MS – excel or a CSV file and RabbitCRM’s database. This saves you a lot of time that might have gone into documentations and paperwork.


RabbitCRM makes it easy for you to search for account details through contacts instead of filtering out and searching from an extensive pool of data.

Consolidated details

Not just contact and account data, with the help of RabbitCRM’s excellent data logging and management system, one can store and look up other details also such as number of employees, expected business etc.

RabbitCRM Service Management

Customer satisfaction is as important as sales in a business. This is what makes the business thrive. Create a ticket for every complaint received from
the customer, communicate to them regarding the ticket details through SMS and e-mail. RabbitCRM a tool where the service request meet its request service.


Ticket Stages

Get weekly, monthly and quarterly update about the customer complaints and queries handled by service team with an attractive doughnut wheel report.

Priority based Ticket

Respond to move complaints in less time to achieve the customer satisfaction at the highest level. Priority based work schedule let you to mark your presence in your industry.


Service Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract allows you to create a service contract between you and your customer. Get prompt reminders without fail on due dates.

Check Warranty Status with Serial No. or Account name

Most awaited feature in the Service CRM. Check the number of service done to a particular product or number of service visits initiated to a account.


RabbitCRM Reports

Keeping in mind the convenience of the customer, the all inclusive overall report section of RabbitCRM shows every single
factor that can influence the business, thus helping the customer see the big picture..


Business analytics report

Business analytics report summarizes the various stages of ongoing deals in the pipeline within a specific period of time.

Overall sales report

Rabbit crm provides the customer the ability to view in detail reports that will help them have a greater understanding of the progress of the company and the revenue generated.


Get notified

Rabbit crm helps keeping tracking of day – to – day activities by sending activity and end of day reports to the customer via e-mail or SMS.

RabbitCRM Business App

Our RabbitCRM mobile app ensures your team is always in touch when on the go. RabbitCRM Mobile app provides you with quick access to your data
from anywhere. Overseeing your business and staying in touch with your customers and prospects has never been easier.


Generate Leads

RabbitCRM Mobile app allows to generate & create Leads in no time. Convert a lead into an opportunity & respond instantly.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Impress your customers with centralized cloud storage that helps to access information anywhere & anytime.

Track Opportunity Pipeline

Review your business forecasting with the RabbitCRM Mobile app & track the stages of business deal.

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